Individual Psychotherapy, Couple and Parent Counseling

Ron Steck, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I focus on being empathic, direct, and helping clients see themselves, partners, and lives in ways that allow them to change. Most clients walk out of sessions with me feeling understood, really seen, smarter about themselves and their situation, and with real tools to positively affect their issues. I try to work at two levels: the present here-and-now where we can impact behaviors, and the foundation of how we define ourselves and others that is often rooted in the experiences of the past. Both are often required to make any lasting changes and develop new approaches to challenges.

I attempt to find connections and patterns in feelings and behavior, develop awareness about these patterns, and ultimately provide real choice instead of defensive reaction. I facilitate understanding and awareness through discussion, education, feeling recognition and articulation, naming process, experiential exercises, and coaching on perspectives and various approaches to problems.

I bring a range of experience to my work, including extensive work with individuals and couples, teaching graduate psychology, working in schools, leading couples workshops, and coaching executives. I'm understanding, intuitive, gentle and direct. I love the work, and honor the trust and intimacy the therapeutic relationship requires.


Parent Consultation and Adolescent Therapy

Self-Esteem, Depression, and Anxiety

Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse Recovery

Relationship Repair and Growth

Affair Recovery for the Unfaithful or Betrayed Spouse

Impulse and Anger Management

Picking the Right Partner